Redefining Fashion Creativity: A Young University Student’s Journey to Innovative Outfit Making

Boluwatife (Jo)

Boluwatife or Jo as she likes calling herself radiates from the auspices of belief and passion to an awesome well crafted designs for hundreds of her customers to a gravitational pull that keeps everyone gushing and fascinating of how possible it is for a young lady to perform so well in the fashion industry. Not only that, but also an award nominee within a year of launching her own fashion brand, The Quinn Jo.

Luckily as it seems, we had a rare privilege of having an interactive session with her on how the journey started, and challenges she has been facing in the business. She also shades beam of little light on her personality.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Boluwatife Adeyemi popularly known as Jo. I am the founder of The Quinn Jo, a fashion brand established in November 2021. Apart from being an entrepreneur, I am also a Law student in the University of Ibadan.

As a child, I used to be very creative; I drew a lot and majored in calligraphy but as I grew older, I found out that I was more interested in fashion. So, I decided to learn it and put all my creativity into it. And today, I can say that I made the right decision. I am passionate about fashion designing and wardrobe styling and it has been putting food on my table as well.

Work aside, I am a lover of books(fictions), sport and fitness, friendship, music and powerbikes.

The Quinn Jo design
This is interesting. Will you say that it is the drawing that inspired you to go into fashion designing?

I will say it was the creativity…I love making Outfits by myself. I used to make a lot of things by improvising and I think the same thing inspired me to try out fashion designing. There are certain designs I admire so much and when I consult some designers back then, they don’t make it the way I want it or make something entirely different because they feel what I want does not suit their belief. So, I determined I was going to learn the skill so I can make whatever I like for myself and anyone who likes my art.

So you carved out a distinct identity for your brand?
The Quinn Jo Design

Yes. I like making things I haven’t seen on anyone before. Though I get inspired by different designs, I like adding my own creativity and bringing my ideas and intuitiveness together to make something ‘new’.

Also, I really appreciate the African style and prints. So I incorporate them into my designs; making them into different kind of outfits that can be worn for different occasions and by different people all over the world.

That’s really inspiring.  It will be safe to say that your main motive is to promote African culture through fashion? You can correct me, if I am wrong.

Promoting African  culture through fashion is one of the major motives of my brand. The bigger picture is to be able to create classy, gorgeous and creative outfits for diverse races, colours and personalities.

Okay. What have been your biggest challenge in this journey?

My major challenge is getting people who can handle office operations in my absence. To be a successful entrepreneur, one has to be able to build a business that thrives in one’s absence but it’s been quite difficult getting people who will be loyal, qualified and devoted like one is. Most stylists just want to start their own brands and start making money even when they don’t have the clientele yet.

The Quinn Jo Design

Before I started my brand, I decided to work under a number of successful designers in Nigeria despite the fact that I had finished learning. I could have decided to start my brand immediately after learning but I felt I needed more experience and more time to build my clientele gradually before starting off and it really helped boost the growth of the brand in a space of one year. But most stylists don’t understand this; they don’t want to work for people so what we do now is train people to work for us. But it takes a while before these people become independent to carry out tasks all by themselves. They still need close monitoring and supervision.

I believe with adequate assistance from experienced and qualified stylists, our work will be easier, faster and we will be able to reach more people than we are doing now.

The Quinn Jo Design

Hmm.  I love the fact that you are already working towards solving the problem. On a second thought, owing to how the brand has grown for just a year, do you plan carrying on with the business after school?

Yes, the brand will keep operating. I don’t have any plan to stop at all. Even if I am going to do any other thing at all, the brand must be kept alive and active.

That’s quite a response. The unstoppable CEO, I must say. I love it.

Yeah. Thank you (laugh).

Okay, I believe our readers must be interested in knowing what motivates you. I am also curious to know that.

First of all, my family motivates me a lot.  People’s success stories also motivates me.

What are your last words? Sorry for wasting your time..

No…I’m not complaining 🌚

Okay my last words will be ‘Do it!’ If you have an idea and you think it’s valid, start working on it. If you want to start any project at all, start pursuing it…stop waiting till you have the right amount of resources or when you will be comfortable enough to start. Start small, share your ideas with great minds that will be willing to help you in whatever way they can, build good relationships with people…you never know who will connect you with your helper or who will send you an opportunity that will change your life forever. Go the extra mile and don’t keep quite about your dream. Perfect your skill and be consistent at it, don’t stop learning and don’t settle for less. Do your best and leave the rest for God.

Okay, ma (smile).  Thank you for your time.

It’s my pleasure

To learn more about The QuinJo, you can visit their website @

Or contact them on the phone with 09072200289

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