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Our Services


We partner with startups to innovate their ideas, to link up with professional and entrepreneurial talents on African campuses and spaces for young innovative minds

Content Creation

We create and promote content on career and business through our platforms. The opinions and views of the finest minds in the industry, trends and updates on business and career.

Digital Advertisements

Product promotion, content promotion and brand promotion for SMEs, startups, student organizations and professional institutions.


We host events on business strategies, innovation and breakthrough. We also hold community discussions on business, career on our platforms, and promote other events within the ecosystem.

Content Logistics

We help startups and brands who have solutions and services directed at young people in the ecosystem to deliver their content(podcasts, newsletters, articles and ideas) to reach more of their target audience.

Startup Review

We help startups and businesses to review their ideas through our community and run a market test before they lauch.

Digital Marketing Campaign

We run marketing campaigns for businesses, startups and brands.


Our first goal is to connect and engage with our target audience through content on social media platforms that are easily accessible to them using WhatsApp, through its status feature and Twitter.

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