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What does it mean to build a community? 

A community in simple terms is defined as a group of people who share the same identity, bound together by a common objective, and see the world through the same lens. The idea of a community is the coming together of people for a purpose, and to “nurture”, “develop”, “engage” and “improve” themselves for that purpose.

Why Community building in a startup is necessary 

Every Startup is built to solve a problem, it is often advised by investors and consultants for startups to streamline their products and services to a particular problem. The standard for every startup is to have a very niched product for a niched audience (a particular set of people in a market). If you are building a startup, it simply means you are solving a particular problem for a particular group of people who require them. 

As simple as it seems, it is the most difficult part of building a startup, i.e knowing why exactly you are in the market and finding your true tribe (the right target audience who require your products and services). Achieving this, is what is popularly known as “Product Market Fit” (PMF). PMF is definitely the goal of every startup founder, team and investor.

To achieve PMF, what is most important is finding the right tribe, the right audience, the right market, and finding every way to get close to them, engage them, publicize your product, so they can know you exist and so they can assist you in building your product to suit their needs perfectly. This is where the concept of “community” comes in when it comes to building a startup. To achieve PMF, you must build a community. It is therefore logical to conclude that you can’t scale a startup without building a community.

How building a community can increase your startup’s chances at success 

  1. First, building a community helps your startup connect with people who share a great deal of interest in your product, the problem you want to solve and what your startup stands to achieve in the market. Connecting with the right audience helps you to engage, discuss and share ideas about improving your product.
  1. Also building a community is all about giving back to your target audience, helping them to get knowledgeable through valuable contents and helpful market knowledge. This is what gives birth to a more knowledgeable audience who become your brand’s loyalist and even a customer of your product. You can turn potential customers to brand loyalist customers through community building and sharing of knowledge.
  1. Building a community in the early stage of your startup gives you focus, you can easily know what you want to achieve in the market and who your targeted audience are.
  1. Building a community especially on social media platforms gives your startup publicity. It boosts your brand awareness. In this digital age, you can connect online with millions of people and market your startup through content marketing, a product of community building. Through community building, a lot of people can get to know about your product, also through community building you can turn them to customers.

Why your startup needs Encore Africa

Our only job at Encore, is to help your startup find its tribe. We build communities for startups, and you now know how vital that is for the growth of your startup.

The more you invest in community, the more loyalty you get from clients and customers. Our job is to help you build a community around your business, giving out valuable information through contents, to make easier your job of asking them to buy from you.

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