Why we built Encore Africa.

Good morning, might as well be good evening, depending when you decided to read this. Well, for Workaholics reading this around 3 A.M., if it interests you, this is the same time we put this in writing, guess that’s sort of symbolic.
There are several reasons you decided to click the link and read about us, our first guess is, you love to pursue opportunities and help yourself grow or maybe you are just psyched about entrepreneurship and business and want to be better at it, okay, maybe you just love start ups, last guess, you must be a professional or a budding professional in a special field of interest. Whatever reason it may be, something made you want to know more about us, and sure, be our guest!

First of all, accept the reality that you don’t know everything going on around you. Having accepted that, would you agree with us, if we tell you your biggest problem and headache as a young entrepreneur or professional is the inability to acquire the right knowledge you need to grow and be consistent, and the inability to be aware of every opportunity out there for your own benefit? If you accept that, then you can safely read the next paragraph.

“We put Start Up and Business Knowledge in the hands of every Young African Professional and Entrepreneur”. This is our direct response to the question, “Explain Encore Africa to me in few words, like I’m a 5 year old”

The African Start Up Ecosystem is growing exponentially, what does this mean for the future of work in Africa. It means people in Africa more than ever before are building/will build solutions to the problem of Africans and the world. Now it’s time to ask the questions.

What problems have you thought of solving?

Do you know there are several opportunities, knowledge, experience from great minds available for you to be a successful entrepreneur and a great professional?Okay, how much do you know about the Decentralized internet popularly known as Web 3, how many of Web 3 start up solutions do you know about, or the job opportunities in Web 3? Okay, let’s forget about Web 3.

Do you know Asemota, the King of African Start Ups? Or Lazerpay, a start up that helps businesses in receiving crypto payments founded by a 19 year old? Okay, what about AltSchool? Honestly, there are a lot of Start Ups helping professionals and entrepreneurs to become better in what they do. It’s more like impossible to know all of these things, right?There are several problems still yet to be solved in Africa, how many have you identified yourself? Three or Four? What have you done to solve them? Maybe nothing… Why? You probably don’t know how to go about it, You don’t understand what it takes to solve these problems and build a business around it, How to go about building your company and hiring great minds to help, and the list goes on like that, it’s just a lot of things.

Now, chill, you have to understand there are several other folks out there like you, they have the ideas, they have the next unicorn in the palm of their hand. This doesn’t have to do with the fact that you are young or a student still in college/university, it’s because there are several things you don’t know; to execute confidently and know what to do to turn ideas to reality, you have to consistently feed on knowledge, it’s a lot to know, and a lot of events teach you. The first step is identifying what you need to know and plug yourself consistently into it. You can build the greatest business and become a global standard professional in your field.
It is possible for you to have made sales from commodities or you operate a small business, but for you to manage a bigger business, you must have understood how to provide services or products to a needy market, and scale it massively.

If you are a young professional, you must have offered your skill and growing expertise consistently to clients who need them, but to be better and to survive in the corporate world; you must be strongly aware of trends and happenings in the corporate and professional world to offer global standard services as a professional and if you are a student aspiring to be a professional in a field, maybe tax, law, investment banking, software development, accounting and other several fields, the same goes to you.

So why was Encore Africa built?

Bazinga! We know who the game changers are in the start up ecosystem, we know where the knowledge and experience is hidden, we are privy to trends, happenings and updates about business and future of work that can help you. In fact, we have the answers to most of what is stopping you as a talent. To save you from the stress of finding every tool for growth out yourself, we decided to create a platform where what you need to grow and aid you is always directly on your mobile device. We created a knowledge pool that makes you understand business practices and strategies, understand entrepreneurship, get connected to services and contents that can aid your journey.

This knowledge pool is Encore Africa, where we are getting connected to African Talents on accessible social platforms with contents and services that influences you and what you stand for.
We believe you are a talent, ours is to manage a platform that sharpens your talent everyday for Africa!. Check encoreafrica.com and read about our services and community platforms to get connected.

Encore Africa is a start up company powered by Hostel Rentie, a property tech company backed by V by VFD Bank.

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